The Painful Crush

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Men lie,women lie,but surely the heart doesn’t.We all have that one person whom when we set our eyes upon them,our heart’s rhythimic beating is disturbed,yep I’m talking about a crush,we all have crushes.

Those who embody a great deal of boldness often dont waste time,and set out on an endevour to try and get to know their crush a lil better.AT The other side of boldness,,,phew!!*drinks a glass of water*,you have to succumb to è pain of seeing your crush everyday,at skul,workplace or any other particular vicinity and bottle up the potential which lies within u 2 approach em and just greet em.

Many at times,I often see her at school,but the deep pool of shyness,concerntrated with impurities of fear and lack of confidence drown my wish of striking up a conversation with her.

The day is coming though,that I will consume a pill to get rid of the painful crush,one day I will stand up to her and chat with her for a long time not the mere minutes I usually do.

Phew!! I LOVE MY CRUSH,although we dont talk that much,and I havnt told her that.

  1. denzel spencer says:

    this is pure work of art, characterised by good terminology in terms of language … Thumb up, it will be thumbs up wen u make up and show ur crush tht she z nt a crush, bt tha only one who mkes ur heart beat… Man up the time wl cum

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