Posted: November 5, 2012 in Uncategorized

I do not see it befitting that I term it the Zimbabwe School Examination Council,the most appropriate title which best identifies this excuse of an examination council of ours is ZIMSEK(Zimbabwe School Examination Kak’).

As I am blogging this right now,I just got irked by a newspaper headline that reads” ZIMSEK IN YET ANOTHER BOOB”.This headline serves as evidence to the dirty slap at the face of our educational rights as children of our Zimbabwe.

Now call me disrespectful,opionated or whatever nauseating characteristic which you might wish to tag down my name,but allow me at this moment to say ,IF THE SHOE FITS I’LL WEAR it and walk tall,stepping on the profuse amount of bullshit laid down by our examination body.

Going back to the head line,,it reports “O level pupils in Bulawayo and elsewhere are likely to write this year’s Technical Graphics public exam at night”…shocking and ridiculous right?

However,due to the exam body’s lousy mismanagement students will be subjected to this inhuman torture.Apparently,ZIMSEK had booked the two examination papers at the same time.Now how irresponsible can they be,damn!

This means that students will start their T.G paper at 17:00hrs finishing at 2015hrs.Now how absurb and f___n ridiculous can that be,huh how do u expect someone to pass after writing a paper under such appalling conditions?

What amazes me is that we(students) paid for the registration of these exams(if u wuld still call them that),and ZIMSEK chooses to disrespect and spit at the large amounts of hard earned money that our parents had to folk out! Huh!

Also to add on to the irresponsibility of ZIMSEK,a few weeks ago a teacher in Mat. North lost 13 O’level exam papers.

This serves to prove that ZIMSEK has no strict measures guiding the safeguarding and upkeep of the papers.

To ZIMSEK I say,we as students demand more,not this excuse of an exam body.


  1. Denzel Spencer says:

    hmm well articulated, bt ths a smehow controversial which does nt need one to think outside bt throw the box away. We might be taken away by lives in movies and American lifestyles bt ths is Zimbabwe. Nt that im being rude bt if u were put in that sector were u going to do something better, i truely beg to differ. Dont be ostententious to please outsiders, analyse your situation before u start insulting and demeaning it. Your post is inappropriately appropriated Mr.

  2. Brilliant says:

    lemme get this straight,the post was never done to impress or attract attention,nah nah nah,the post was meant to express how I felt at that moment,now sir u gotta Agree w me dat Tha examination body is “resting on their laurels”*Denzel*…there is need for improvement,we paid for the examination fees we deserve quality 4 our money…

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