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Another year,another dawn.

Posted: October 29, 2012 in L.O.V.E

I always feel good and my spirit is lifted whenever I blog straight from my heart.This post is a letter from me to God and the people he has placed into my life,written in a language called Love,The almighty has communicated with me through this dialect for the past 17 years and I would like to thank him likewise.

17 years ago,God breathed the breath of life unto me,born emboded in innocence and in my tiny lil hands I held hope,faith and joy for my parents,Nomalanga Dube and Themba Dlodlo.

The past 17 years have been a whirlwind of a journey,I might have stumbled upon obstacles of disappointment,hurt,rejection and all sorts of pain inflicting huddles the Devil might have formed against me.

However,God being the wonderful helper he has been in my life sent someone to comfort me when I cried,someone to pick me up when I fell,friends to joke and laugh with me whenever I felt low and all in all was a good builder who carefully selected chief cornerstones to build the well mannered and revered yung man I am today.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the following,for showing and giving me love at all costs,regardless of my numerous flaws and imperfect human nature.

Thank you to(In no particular order)…. Jesus Christ,Talent phiri,Marvellous Ncube,Decent Sibanda,Faith Mugoromi,Hillary Nsingo,Bornwell Ncube,Vincent Shanga,Karen Zulu,Sindisiwe Siyamangala,Albertina Chikowore,Dudue Ncube,Ntombikayise Angey Maroleni,Themba Dlodlo,Nomalanga Dube,Belief Dube,Denzel Ngwenya,Costain Dube and Ashley Sithole………….

In as much as you showed me love,I LOVE YOU ALL.

By Brilliant Delani Dlodlo.